* Copia de Extracurricular Activities

Extracurricular activities .


Extracurricular activities play an important role in developing positive self-esteem and a sense of well-being. Our program is also concerned with promoting pride and loyalty in and to our institution within the student body and providing opportunities for healthy relationships between the school and the community.


- All athletes must bring the appropriate clothing for their practices. Students must change before the start of the activity. 

  •  Soccer (shorts, guayos, long socks, shin guards, cap and blocker) 
  •  Volleyball (proper tennis shoes, lycra or shorts, t-shirt, sunscreen) 
  •  Basketball (proper tennis shoes, shorts, hat, t-shirt, blocker) 
  •  MTB (helmet, gloves, goggles, sunscreen, suitable tennis shoes) 

 - It is very important to have a nutritious lunch box with fruits, cereal bars, or a meal. Avoid soft drinks, boxed juices, instant soft drinks as much as possible.  - Hydration is essential, water is the first option or liquids with mineral salts. Avoid milk, yogurt or sugary drinks as much as possible.  

- For MTB practitioners, families can bring their bicycles and leave them during the week at school and pick them up on Thursday or Friday and take them home. 

 - Please remember that punctuality is a very important pillar in the training of our students, therefore we must set an example with punctuality at the whereabouts of the routes and when picking up students in the case of private cars in our institution.  

- Students are expected to maintain the same behavior expectations on school transport as they do inside of school. If students are given a second warning from the assistant or the driver, the student will be suspended from the route.  

 We want to invite parents to motivate and support their children in the different sports they do. Let's not demand results and much less titles. Let's support our coaches in their processes and in scheduled tournaments and practice sessions. These events motivate athletes and of course help raise the level in their different practices.

Feel free to contact our Sports and Extracurricular Activities Coordinator, Armando Lenis, email: [email protected]

Activities and Schedules

Depending on the activity and the category, different schedules are handled. Remember that on days when students are dismissed at 1:00 p.m. there will be no extracurricular activities.

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