School Restaurant Menu

To see the menu offered by the FLI Food and Nutrition Service during the month, click on the button below and in the file choose the tab of your interest.

The menu of our school restaurant is designed and reviewed by an interdisciplinary team made up of a nutritionist, food engineer and the head chef. Likewise, it meets the nutritional requirements of the ICBF food guide, which governs school restaurants in the country. 

The portions that the restaurant staff serve are adequate to provide a healthy diet.

Students who must have a special diet by medical recommendation, will try it as much as possible to follow only if said diet has medical support. 

Students should eat a good breakfast at home before starting their school day, since the service provides a SNACK and as such does not cover all the nutritional needs of a breakfast. 

The food service team is composed of a food and nutrition coordinator, a nutritionist and food assistants, who have extensive experience in mass food services. 

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